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2024-2025 Marching Band Fees & Schedule

With returning to the competitive marching band circuit, our fees have increased for the 2024-2025 school year. We are committed to working together to make band membership affordable and accessible for all students. The actual cost per student is $890.00. The fees for the marching band have been set at $350.00 per student. If you have a sibling in the band, the fees are $175.00 for each additional sibling. If you are a middle school student, the fees are $200.00. 


To help with this larger commitment, we are pleased to offer a payment plan for your convenience. Please do not let finances be a barrier to your student's participation. Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis. Please CLICK HERE to apply for a scholarship. All scholarship applications are confidential and reviewed only by the executive committee and band director.

Payments will be handled electronically this year. Each student will receive an invoice from the Band Boosters that can be paid with a debit /credit card or via ACH debit. If need be, we can also accommodate Cash App or Venmo. 



Payment Plan Schedule

A non-refundable commitment fee of $100.00 is due by 5/10/2024. 

$50.00 for each additional sibling.

Middle School students are responsible for the $100.00 commitment fee.

(Example: A three student household would pay a $200.00 commitment fee).

Payment #2- $150 due by 7/1/2024 

$75 for each additional sibling.

$50 for middle school students.

(Example: A three student household would pay $300.00).

Payment #3- $100.00 Due by 9/1/2024

$50 for each additional sibling.

$50 for middle school students.

(Example: A three student household would pay $200.00).

Additional Fees

Each student must have one friend or family member join the band boosters. The band booster membership fee is $35.00 and is due by 8/1/2024. This fee includes a t-shirt for the booster member that we encourage them to wear to football games and competitions!

A refundable concession stand deposit of $100.00 is due by 8/1/2024. Because fundraising is a team effort, we are requiring that all students have a friend or family member to volunteer at a minimum of two football or soccer games. Because the funds we raise through the concession stand will be used to subsidize the student fees (a value of $540 per student), it is vital that everyone participates. Upon completion of the required concession stand participation, the deposit will be returned. Failure to complete the concession stand volunteer requirements will result in forfeiture of the $100.00 deposit.

Each student is required to have a pair of matching marching band shoes. Shoes must be purchased through the band and are $30.00 per pair. Money for shoes (if needed) is due by 7/22/2024. 

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